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Industry and Community Segments

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Measuring cities and regions, by 31 industry and community master segments.

City Benchmarking Data measure, and compare city and regional population centers by 31 master segments.

Architecture, History & Planning

Arts & Culture

Basic Services (Utilities, Food Supply, Water)


Commerce & Finance

Cultural Exchange: Travel & Tourism

Diplomacy & Trade

Economics (General)

Education, Science & Universities

Environment & Nature


Food & Hospitality


Government & Politics

Health & Medicine

Industry & Manufacturing

Information, Media & Publishing

Labour, Employment & Workforce

Law & Governance

Logistics, Freight & Ports

Military & Defence

Mobility, Autos, Cycling & Transport

Music & Performance

People & Population

Public Safety

Resources, Mining, Oil and Gas

Retail & Shopping

Spirituality, Religion & Charities

Sports & Fitness

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Technology & Communications

Usages of Segment Reporting.

Master segments are used by customers for management reports, cross-silo innovation, client intelligence, investment decisions, planning and strategic thinking about cities, regions and markets.

Customer Usage Examples. Location of plant and equipment in European cities (selected indicators from 12 segments), costs of doing business in Asian Cities (8 segments), most likely emerging cities to succeed with start-ups, regional improvement plans (6-9 segments for regional areas) and most overlooked overseas visitors marketing destinations (5-11 segments).

The 31 Master segments (e.g. Information, Media & Publishing, Technology & Communications, Industry & Manufacturing) can also be reported as Micro-segments (e.g. Book Industry, Mobile Devices, Beer Brewing).

Each segment is based on Best Available Dataat the location City indicator level, and is an affordable outsourced way for our clients to understand and compare global locations — as the basis for their analysis, client research and reporting.

‘Drill down’ to Indicators & Data Points.

Each of these 31 industry and community segment is  is made up of 5-30 City Indicators both Standard & Custom.

Standard Indicators: In total there are 162 Standard City Indicators,the basis for analysis in the Innovation Cities Program and Index. Listed here.

Custom Data Points: Over 300 Custom indicators are available for some regions and cities.

‘Drill-up’ to segments.

For city rankings and innovation modeling these 31 segments can be summarised into the headline 3 factors: Cultural Assets, Human Infrastructure and Networked Markets.

Segments can also be reported from the view of Change Trends, for those seeking to understand the future.

More detail about the data:

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