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How to create city data-sets & cities rankings using CBD

Icon Innovation Cities: Questions & AnswersEver considered creating your own data set of the best available data to support your change projects, investment or business decisions in your organization or city?

Using 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data and expert innovation analysts advice, anyone can compare and rank 10-30 cities on a variety of city indicators.

Others have requested affordable Proposal pricing for a variety of city lists, include:

  • European Cities compared on tourist (visitor) attractiveness
  • Digital-ready cities
  • Best U.S. cities for inventors
  • Global high-tech manufacturing cities
  • America’s best start-up cities 2010 or 2011
  • Livable cities for those on incomes under $50,000 per annum
  • Gross Value Added by Industry per city
  • Which cities in North America best to retire in?
  • Which cities have the lowest cost of living (non Government measure)?
  • Cities with most high tech jobs per capita
  • Cities ranked by business approach
  • European cities for ease of doing business
  • U.S. top mobility / public transport cities
  • Most wireless-enabled cities in Europe
  • East Europe’s top tech capitals
  • European Union Arts cities rankings
  • List of top patent cities ranked per capita
  • List of copyright cities
  • Former Soviet Union’s most business-friendly cities
  • Undervalued investment destinations in ___
  • U.S. Worst Cities (Public safety)
  • U.S. Best cities
  • Comparing connectivity across 300 cities
  • Best cities for sports fans
  • Best / Worst cities for artists
  • Which cities best for technology start-ups
  • Word’s top defence industry cities
  • Cities seeking business investment
  • U.S. Cities with the worst balance sheets

It’s limited to your ideas! Customers include: management consultants, city government, think tanks, corporate R&D, goverment advisors, business investors, HNWIs, private clients and others.

The difference is that we source the best available data that is a) far more current than most statistics and b) leverages new advances in gov 2.0, social media, web 2.0 and other technologies.

Example 1: Local Manufacturing Support

Benchmark 20 cities for local manufacturing in key sectors.

For 20 cities and 9 indicators = approx 540 data points across 400+ slides
Approx. Price = USD $4,500

Example 2: Top Sports Cities

Benchmark & rank 50 cities for sports industry support.

For 50 cities and 6 indicators = approx 900 data points across 600+ slides
Approx. Price = USD $6,600

Affordable City Data.

Our economies of scale, mean that 2thinknow can produce competitive business, investor and city intelligence at a lower cost than others. Data can then be used to write internal or external management reports.

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With today’s budget pressures, why not save money on expensive reports — and get the best available data, that you can then interpret? Or if you write reports, why not maximise profit, price more keenly, win the job and commission us to create the data set?

2thinknow supports innovation, so we create affordable data and tools, to support your innovation initiatives.

Contact us to get a Proposal ASAP.

ABOUT CBD: All data is independent, affordable and benchmarked across 289+ cities* by 2thinknow unique process. Unlike other data-sets, this is ready-to-go performance data — which we collect 162 standard city indicators and a few hundred custom indicators are in our labs.We provide the data in Excel and PowerPoint — you create your own analysis, or use our analysis bullet points. Each slide is sourced clearly, and uses best available data.

Notes: *standard indicators use a benchmark distribution curve across 289 cities including estimates where applicable. Custom indicators use a high-low approach.