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General Questions

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Who is 2thinknow?

2thinknow is an innovation agency. We provide city benchmarking data broken down into cities, trends and segments (economic or social sectors). We are professionals at commercial analysis of city performance for decision makers. See www.2thinknow.com for about us.

How is city benchmarking data compiled by 2thinknow?

City benchmarking data is compiled by 2thinknow graduate analysts, analysts and senior analysts. The data is compiled into data points by city, which are also collated into regions and subregions. Data points gathered for each place undergo a standardization process, are then compiled into indicators and benchmark scored for standard comparison across cultures and locations. More here

Customers can purchase either standard data points or indicators in a variety of products or as data units. These are both available via requesting a Proposal or for some data units via order online.

How are your analysts qualified and experienced?

2thinknow Analysts have a minimum 240 hours specialist city data/analysis/innovation training, plus a Masters degree. Senior analysts have similar post-graduate qualifications, training, and require professional relevant experience related to their level of seniority. Graduate analysts have a Masters degree from a major Australian university in a disciplines such as analysis, I.T., business, business admin, commerce or similar.

Which cities do you cover?

The current standard list of city locations is available here (and also there is an Excel download link).

What if my preferred cities are not listed as locations?

We have data in other cities, using the same methodology, for which you can request custom Proposals. The data may not be in our standard set, but by applying our methodology we can in many cases locate or create the data for the location.

How do I get all the data and scores for my city?

Order a Single City Data-set or a premium package online here.

What makes 2thinknow standard city indicators different from a statistic?

The standard city indicators are combinations of quantitative and qualitative data points about a city. This may include a mix of data types, including statistics. Where a statistic is not accurate to reality (yet may seem numerically accurate — i.e. is a correct number) This will provide you other means of measuring the location. Our mix of data types are then standardized and benchmark scored according to our methodology to give you a quick ‘go-to’ metric of actual performance. More at Indicators

What is the best way to understand the logic of the standard Indicators?

Purchase our Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report online here. This explains the rationale behind the Indicators.

What are your sources?

Our analysts use over 5,000 sources including national, state and local government, news, commercial directories, magazines, journals, in over 40 languages.

How do you measure subjective elements, such as museums?

We collect as much data as we can on the museum, and provide the best available data in our standard indicator for that element. We then benchmark this across the majority of benchmark cities. This provides a true global comparison. All data is collected using proprietary techniques by qualified analysts, and are designed by senior analysts to show actual performance. For benchmark scores these are comparative — and combative. If some cities receive a higher benchmark scores, other cities will fall, either this year or next. Think of it as distribution of scores on a curve. More on benchmark scores.

How do you benchmark different locations?

For indicators use a banding approach, common in consulting and algorithms for benchmarking quantitative data. Senior analysts and Executive director reviews the qualitative data and decides the scoring bands. More on benchmark scores.

What are your population definitions?

We use 2thinknow population and boundaries data as a standard for all the indicators. These are normally metropolitan areas of the city. All of our data is standardized as close as possible to these definitions. 2thinknow definitions can be obtained through purchase of our single Population Indicator or geo-indicators here. This information is also included in the Single City Data set (and our premium Packages) — all available in our store here.

I would like to supply different population boundaries for my data, can I ?

Yes. You can — just request a custom Proposal using your own boundaries. Contact us

Can I change your population figures for my city?

If you are in a city government, state or national statistics bureau you can submit improved population figures.

Do you use academic sources?

Yes, we quote academic research to clients in our data (qualitative and quantitative).

Do you use original sources, or aggregate others data?

We aggregate others data, applying unique processes to standardize and benchmark it. We have in the past used city surveys in a limited capacity. We can sometimes further breakdown aggregate data into more detail using ratios and algorithms.

Can I get more details on your methodology?

Only customers have access to real data and relevant methodology. All customer data has sources listed, is standardized and guaranteed best available. Our methodology is proprietary and subject to commercial restrictions.

I want state or national data statistics, can you provide this?

Yes. We can provide only state or national data for most indicators. Each state or nation then is treated as a location. Contact us for a Proposal.

Pricing Questions

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What does my Single City Data-set include?

Single City Data-sets [SCD] — actual performance data on any city — have fixed pricing. 162 indicators of quantitative and qualitative data up to 5 data points, in Excel and PowerPoint format. With explanatory analyst notes, all ready to go.

How can I get the best value for my city with a service package?

Our Innovation Cities™ Platinum or Silver Packages are the best value offer, as both include a Single City Data-set, with all updates, the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, personal analyst briefings and more. The Innovation Cities™ packages are the best way to save, whilst receiving full access to 2thinknow analysis for one city of your choice.

Premium packages with data are listed here.

For whom is Innovation Cities™ premium packages best for?

Anyone tracking a city (or cities), that needs complete data on that city and how the city benchmarks globally.

An ideal example is city government or city research agencies. This package is also beneficial for private companies as well as it helps you to keep track of the market in the city.

Can I order multiple Innovation Cities™ packages for more than one city?

Yes. You can order as many as you need. This would suit those wanting complete city performance and details on many cities. Please request a Proposal as discounts apply on multiple orders.

What is a Comparative City Data-set?

A Comparative City Data-set, or CCD for short is a multi-city data set. You can choose any number of cities and any number of indicators for CCD. Through CCD, you can compare many cities with many indicators. This is ideal for big companies or Governments who are comparing cities.

How does your pricing scheme work for Comparative City Data-set?

The pricing for Comparative City Data-set is simple. Pricing is Per Location per Indicator.

So 10 cities X 15 standard indicators = 150 standard indicators at the current price.

Request a Proposal for pricing. Contact us.

Can I customize my data set??

We can customize data sets and indicators and also city comparative set according to customer needs, called CCD. Just mention this when ordering and we will send you the proposal according to your needs. Contact us.

Ordering & Shipping Questions

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Which payment method do you accept?

We prefer wire transfer. To do this we will issue an invoice based on a Proposal.

For online sales, we prefer credit card payments. We accept Visa, Master card and Amex.

We convert charges in US dollars converted according to the mid-market rates. We also can accept or use PayPal for some transactions

Will you proceed without some form of payment?

Given our global client base, all our customers pay some or all of their invoices in advance. We will accept deposits for larger orders. This will be in your Proposal.

Do you refuse Proposals or work to some customers?

Not often, but we reserve all rights — including the right to refuse custom without explanation or offence. This may be based on many reasons, but is most often due to — workload / analyst availability, a client being in a similar industry to us or another client and/or other professional conflicts between clients, or any client risk. If we refuse a genuine request for Proposal we will often email you. However, we may not provide reasons due to confidentiality issues or conflicts of interest.

If you have received a Proposal, and you have not acted on it within a reasonable time frame, we may refuse also.

What is the format of your data

No. All files sent are in Excel, PowerPoint or other Office software which will be specified in the order. But on request we can do encryption for specific data projects.

Can you consult face to face on data and metric design?

Yes, 2thinknow have an innovation consulting service available in your location. Platinum Package subscribers for one city have option to do benchmarking data service via video conference included for all future projects. We can provide this service at a reasonable added charge. Ask us when you request your proposal.