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Data Types

Here’s an explanation of the 7 data types 2thinknow Use.

Any of these 7 data types are combined in the multiple data points which create indicators. Indicators are designed to balance the competing performance data points in a city. Data types may also be available as data points.


2thinknow City Benchmarking Data contains city statistical data gathered directly from cities and third party sources.

Where 2thinknow use State/Province or National data these data points are clearly indicated.

Commercial Sources:

Uniquely 2thinknow have commercial sources that are used to answer difficult industry questions about the size and diversity of sectors of the economy at a city level. We use a variety of online and printed sources that are combined to answer questions such as the number of business firms in any sector or average prices.

2thinknow re-purpose data that is gathered for other purposes to the purpose of providing accurate industry data at a city level.


2thinknow indicators rely on rankings for universities, cities, businesses and industries that are then adapted to be city-level data. 2thinknow standardise the rankings from this multitude of sources so you can compare rankings at the city level.

Without 2thinknow process of standardization of rankings for City Benchmarking Data, data may not be comparable across cities. We also take national rankings and through our standard process acclimatise and adapt them to city indicators.


By converting qualitative statements to categorical classifications, 2thinknow are able to provide standardised city about any aspects of the modern cities. This includes areas where statistics are not available. With clever classifications 2thinknow analysts create viable comparable information across locations and culture globally.

Algorithm Based Data:

2thinknow have developed a number of proprietary algorithms to use available city data, averages, industry information, nations, to calculate data about cities.

Index Scores:

Index scores are detailed scores which can be used to provide rankings for all cities in the world. Only available within indicators.


2thinknow estimates shed light on current data, and reconcile varying and difficult data. Only available within indicators.

More detail about the data:

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