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Data Points

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The 162 indicators further break down into roughly around 1200 raw data points.


Each data point is sourced and has a time period (Year or Year/Month).


Data points are designed to be balanced, with standardized benchmark scores to overcome individual data point errors and variations.


This provides a truly global and unique City Benchmarking Data set.

Many data points are available for separate purchase in sub-region blocs.

How it works

2thinknow uses 31 segments to analyse a city, region, or nation. These are then measured as indicators, which drill down into data points. It works like this.

  •  3 Factors — aligned to the innovation process models.
  •  31 Segments — reporting summary of indicators and data points.
  •  162 Indicators with Benchmark Scores per indicator
  •  4 to 10 Data Points per indicator, sourced and standardized OR
  • Raw Data Points sourced and available for purchase.

Optional Time Series Data available for data points starting mid-2014.

Customers can purchase indicators or data points they need to measure any segments of each city.

Data points without indicators can be purchased as Custom Data Projects — so please enquire for your Proposal.

More detail about the data:

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