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City Benchmarking Data provide you detailed data on almost anything in any cities.


The City Benchmarking Data set contains indicators comprised of multiple data points. There are 162 standard indicators. These indicators contain detailed data points on almost every aspect of a given city.

All standard indicators available for purchase for any cities on our list. > More on Indicators.

Data Points

Each indicator contains 3-10 data points, which contain detailed information about the indicator. Standard data point are available for separate purchase in region packs, or as parts of indicators.

> More on Data Points

Benefits of City Benchmarking Data.

Indicators for many activities Indicators in all cities Standard indicators across cities

Data for many activities.

Each city in the world has indicators for every key segment of business, industry and community activity. Each of these indicators have numerous data points.

Data for all cities.

This includes  the world’s cities from the U.S. to Europe, China, Asia, Mid-East, emerging cities and locations in every region. > See map of all locations

Standard data across cities.

Detailed commercial data is available for standard indicators that are designed by our senior analysts to capture the full range and diversity of a global world, and compare locations in a meaningful, and commercial manner.

Each indicator benchmark scored Order data in different products Detailed data

Each indicator benchmark scored.

Each Indicator is scored across 6 performance bands. Indicators are globally standardized across different cultures. Scores are then colour-coded for your convenience.

Order data in different products.

Order Indicators in different products for different uses

Single City Data set for all standard indicators on a Single City. Ideal for cities and detailed reports on a key market.

Comparative City Data-sets to select many indicators for many cities.

Each Indicator has detailed data behind it.

Each indicator has a series of 3-10 data points behind it. View details, sources, for each of these data points on each indicator. Exact data points will vary based on product you order. With web URLs on some indicators, you can click through to further information on current resources sites.

More detail about the data:

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