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2thinknow unique method
2thinknow’s unique method is included in each single indicator of data our customers purchase.

This unique process gives customers the certainty of choosing current best available data in their choice of format, at the same flat price.

5 Phase Method

Extensive Research

1. Extensive Research

Background research into measuring city/regional centre performance, capabilities and market characteristics, using:
Quantitative research such as population, GINI or GDP per capita.
Qualitative research such as public art museums or sports fanaticism.
Thought Leaders A mix of commercial innovators and fresh academic thinking.
Social Research Proprietary 2thinknow open network process, beyond crowd-sourcing gathering data about key cities.

Indicator Design

2. Indicator Design

For each indicator, we identify potential data sources, approaches, big ideas and bodies of theory are examined and defined by our analysts to meet customer needs.

Available data sources are examined, analysed, and the best available evidence for indicator defined.

Data Collection

3. Data Collection

Best available data as evidence is collected for each indicator and each location, from multiple sources per indicator, by 2thinknow’s specially trained graduate analysts. All evidence is fully-sourced on each slide, report or spreadsheet. Data is pre-scored based on this evidence using our proprietary 2thinknow process and defined performance bands.

Spot Review

4. Spot Review

By default, standard indicators data is reviewed and updated annually. Custom Indicators are reviewed based on demand. Each review upgrades data quality and increases data points on the indicator. Ad-hoc reviews are also instigated based on your client needs, and changing current events. Annual reviews coincide with the release of annual Index city rankings as seen in major news media globally.

Benchmark Score

5. Benchmark Score

Evidence collected and resulting scores is reviewed and standardized, by a senior analyst using algorithms and a process to distribute the scores across curve. Data and scores are checked 3 different methods in our special 2thinknow process. Your data is thus given a standardized benchmark score across locations and markets regionally and globally (even if you only purchase a few locations). This ensures 2thinknow’s you can accurately compare locations and is truly global and up-to-date for your selected locations.

Unique qualities of the 2thinknow Method

Here is why data produced with the 2thinknow method better suits your needs.

Global Actual Performance Latest Flexible Standard
 Global  Actual Performance  Latest  Flexible  Standard
Any City Anywhere. Performance data on any city. Choose from a list of all the world’s urban population centres. Comparative performance data you can’t get anywhere else. Metrics for actual city performance. Compare actual city performance. Compare across cultures, nations, regions, borders. Use the city indicators you choose. Independently assessed by 2thinknow analysts, then triple-checked. Current recent evidence.Data is independently collated and assessed by 2thinknow analysts. Our analysts use innovative approaches, and modern sources, from web 2.0 sites and print which we shape into supporting evidence. Affordable formats, many uses.You receive licenses to the scoring data, evidence, graphs, slides in many formats. Each format is ready-to-go and far cheaper than doing it yourself. Fully standardized benchmarks.Each city is measured by Indicators. Each indicator is designed on Key Performance Indicator [KPI] and benchmarking principles familiar to business.