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Cities: 3 Factors

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When applying innovation to cities 2thinknow has created the only model that unifies design thinking, economic infrastructure, and network effects of markets.

Cultural assets

Literally, this is the culture of a city, measured by arts communities, civic organizations, museums, music events, galleries, political protests, books, media, availability of information, and sports.

Human infrastructure

This includes the soft and hard infrastructure of mass transit, finance, universities, hospitals, rail, roads, law, commerce, start-ups, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Networked markets

This is a measure of a city’s power and linkages in global markets, taking into account geography, economics (such as exports and imports), market size, geo-political factors, and diplomacy.

The 3 factors in a framework

In the Innovation Cities™ Framework, these three factors are broken down into 31 segments, which are further broken down into 162 standard city indicators for each city. These are then broken down into raw data points. 2thinknow provides indicators or raw data points according to client needs.

More detail about the data:

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