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What is Benchmarking?

The world’s largest city data-set. Sector, industry and market based data and analysis on cities as investment and development locations.

Our City Benchmarking DataTM is the world’s leading benchmarking system for measuring city performance and innovation using 162 standard and a variety of custom indicators. We offer detailed data for single cities (SCD) or comparative cities data (CCD) for any set of cities or any set of indicators.

Our customers use city benchmarking data in all sorts of ways.

City and state government planning

City & state government planning.

City and state government use city benchmarking data to measure and quantify performance. This can also help to plan better cities in comparison with competing cities, quantify the value of services, or to promote civic achievements.

City benchmarking data studies

City benchmarking data studies.

Those creating city benchmarking reports, or studies of livability and city rankings use city benchmarking data to provide the detail ‘headline’ rankings lack. City benchmarking data gives you the affordable data to create your own reports, presentation and rankings, based on your agenda, while using standardized metrics.

Global business and capital investment projects

Global business & capital investment projects.

Our structured, standardized data provides a rational basis for comparing city performance for business, capital and investment decisions.

Trade and economic decisions

Making trade and economic decisions.

Those analysing trade, and making economic decisions can use our detailed city benchmarking data to support decisions or provide insight. From one city to a region or nation of cities. This includes trade, rail, ports, finance, start-ups and more.

Start-ups and Venture Capitalists investing

Start-ups & Venture Capitalists investing.

Investors in business use city benchmarking data to compare cities as investment destinations segmented by industry. City data can focus on specific industries, infrastructure of your choice. Our metrics focus on innovation economics of by segments.

Universities studying cities

Universities, libraries & students studying cities.

City benchmarking data fills the gap between textbooks and purely statistical data. Students, researchers and lecturers use our data as a measure of city performance. The data is site-licensed for purchase by libraries.

Measuring values

Measuring museum, gallery & institution value.

Measuring the relative value of culture is hard. Our city benchmarking data has uniquely designed indicators tailored to measuring the value of cultural assets to cities social and economic performance. For inclusion in reports, charts for slides or other formats to support your value.

Journalists use City Benchmark Data

Journalists reporting on city desk & urban issues.

Journalists use city benchmarking data to quickly create their own city rankings or support stories. Or work with 2thinknow in partnership to create indexes of city or suburb performance in key cities.


City Benchmarking Data provides customers actual performance data on any city or cities. Customers use 2thinknow data to measure, compare, plan, improve or communicate about cities issues and performance.

It’s standard, affordable, and in ready to-go formats.