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2thinknow City Benchmarking Data

Welcome to City Benchmarking Data.

Better Decisions With City Benchmarking Data.

Measure actual city performance.

Quantitative data you won’t find anywhere.

Qualitative analysis summarizing key knowledge.

Benchmark scores to compare performance.

Standardized globally.

Order data on any city many indicators, or cities any indicators

Indicators may include Quantitative and Qualitative data.

Delivered in up to 3 ready-to-go formats.

Ships globally and available now.

Why 2thinknow method?

Design of our unique city benchmarking process.

City benchmarked against others

Each city is bench marked against all others.

When designing benchmarking indicators we standardize across a global performance data-set. So all data is truly comparative — unlike surveys, web mash-ups, national stats or market research. And, something difficult for individual cities or researchers like you to do.

2thinknow city indicators

City indicators affordable, designed & sourced.

Benchmarking data is sourced in 2 ways. At the city indicator level — each data point. And the design of each standard indicator is soured from leading thinkers in economics, social science, sustainability, industry, transport,public policy and more. This standardization makes it very affordable, and of course, we offer custom indicators.

City Benchmark Data in any format

Ready-to-go: city data in your format.

All benchmarking data should be consistent and ready-to-go. We provide all data consistently in a choice of spreadsheet, word processing, slide and image formats. For Microsoft. Apple. Open Office. Google docs. And more. It’s ready to go!

Drill down city indicators

Drill down into specific city data.

Our research enables you to drill down each city indicator. If you purchase mobility data, you get 13 standard indicators, each with summary scores, notes, sources in many formats.

Measure qualitative data

Measure the difficult.

By defining clearly indicators, we use an indicator scoring guide to measure important qualitative data. This can include leading-edge arts, musical performance, fashion, sports industries, food and hospitality, tourism, students and, even, religion. It allows you to quantify and compare value.

City performance

City performance: an alternative to city rankings.

City rankings are great. We publish the largest index of cities using this data-set, in fact. but when you are benchmarking actual comparative urban performance data. Our analysts give you decision support in a standard form, with a variety of formats.You can also ask us to do custom benchmarking.

Fine companies that have trusted our data include:

Data available in standard format and ready to go with these apps:

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